Alaskan Guides??

Going to Alaska on a cruise with the whole family & looking for guides in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, anchorage, Denali

What type of fish are you looking to go after? I lived there for almost 40 years and maybe able to get you going in the right direction. Send me a PM and hopefully I can help you out.

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What time of year dictates what is running. The big beautiful Kings are late June to early July. My next trip will target then for sure.

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Chris Rapchik guided in Alaska several years. Could point you in the right direction.

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Chris Rapchik guided in Alaska several years. Could point you in the right direction.

I fished at a lodge outside of Ketchikan for a couple summers. This year I am going to a lodge in Pelican AK to fish. I don’t know anyone up there who isn’t at a lodge but the farther you can get away from a town, the less pressure the fish will see and hopefully the fishing will be better. Then again when those fish are running, they are thick and hungry.

Been talking to the wife about an Alaskan Cruise. Everyone I’ve talked to that’s been has loved it. If you do go fishing and get successful, what do you do with the catch? I’d love to land a 200# Halibut and have it put in my freezer! Will the Cruise lines accommodate you for keeping fish? Wonder if you can get them to cook some up?

I don’t know that the cruise lines will do anything with it. Most likely, the charter will take it to a processor who can cut, pack and ship the fish to you. If you want to see Alaska, the cruises are cool but you only get dropped off in the touristy towns. Check out the fishing lodges. Many of them have all kinds of other options for sightseeing or hiking and whatnot if you don’t want to fish the whole time. They can range from a yurt out in the wilderness where you **** in a hole in the ground to a super fancy hotel style where you get chocolates on your pillow and afternoon massages to a modest cabin where they focus on the fishing and the food.

Lots to see in AK.