Am I the only one???????

Well, since I’m here…here’s a brief history…

My grandpap taught me to fish when i was about 6 years old, loved it ever since.I lived in Pittsburgh most of my life and fished mostly for Walleye,Bass and Muskie.
Now I’ve left those guys behind and go after the BIG Cats. My personal bests are as follows:
Channel - 15 lb
Blue - 20 lb
Flathead - 50 lb

I fish mostly where I live on Lake Marion. However I’ve fished Greenwood and Monticello too. As well as some tournaments from other sites on the web. This year I’ll be helping out for our annual Wounded Warriors Tournament here on Lake Marion on June the 28th.

I hope to soon get down to Charleston and do some shrimping as well as some off shore fishing. My better half wants to do some sharking again. Says he hasn’t done any since his days in San Jose…

Welcome to Come on in and stay a while.

There are a few others lurking around and I’m sure they’ll be along shortly to say hello.

A 50 lb Cat is a big one!

I’m back and I’ve promised to behave this time.
I want to be like Fritz when I grow up.
Edisto-Fisher is my hero…internetly speaking.
My heart is in Antarctica.
Lone Ranger is a tool…man.

2005 236 Sailfish
225 Yamaha 4-stroke

hello again and welcome…let us know when you come down!!!

miss’n fish’n