ambush kayak vs. tarpon 140

i currently have the ambush kayak with a trolling motor on it. it isnt really a kayak though. it weighs alot for a kayak and is hard to paddle. it is more of a really small john boat. i am thinking about getting an actual kayak like the tarpon 140. cant decide wich one i would like better. the ambush is nice but might want an actuall kayak. any thoughts about the tarpon? and also anybody want to buy a ambush kayak with a trolling motor?

If you have the $$$'s to get the Tarpon I say go for it. I currently ride a Pelican and I love it, it didn’t dent my wallet as much:smiley:, Go see Dolphin dave at Time out and he’ll get ya squared away. I looked at the Tarpons and they are awesome boats. One of the guys I have fished with has the 140 and swears by it. If you want to paddle the Tarpon series is a really good choice, not the only good yak out there but a really good boat!

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Tarpon 140 is awesome just put a milk crate with rod holders.

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I’ve had my T140 for about two months, and I have been very impressed with it so far. It tracks well and seems to paddle with ease, but I’m no expert. I’ve heard Time Out sports will let rent yaks and apply the rental fee to the purchase of a new yak once you decide on a model. I’d suggest taking a few sea trials before purchasing. Also, think ahead. I bought my yak and discovered my 6 year old loves to go with me. The T140 is a little small for the two of us, so I’ve been thinking about getting a two man yak. Last thought, I researched and looked kayaks for a year before buying. Hindsight, I should have just bought something sooner, it’s the best toy I’ve purchased in a long time.