Anchor/chain decisions

I run a 22ft bay boat and recently lost my anchor and chain so am looking into purchasing a replacement. Looking to get another fluke style anchor as they seem to hold well in our area. In the past I had about 15ft of chain and it was always annoying to stow and deploy with that much chain. What size chain and how much of it do you guys generally find works for a bay boat in the 22ft range? Planning to pair it with an 8lb fluke anchor.

Thanks for helping out

I have a big fluke anchor, but I got a nice reef anchor from Haddrells. Pretty pricey at around $100 but add 12-15 ft of chain and it holds pretty much anywhere and guess what? You get it back when it hangs. Of course you can make your own reef anchor for a lot less if you want.

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I use a Lewmar plow anchor as the primary, but I’ve also got a fluke and reef anchor on the boat as well. The plow is on 20 feet of chain for a 25 foot bay boat. I like to be able to tell whatever knucklehead friend I have in town to just toss it over when we get close to the sandbar. That’s probably the biggest reason for that much chain. It’ll set whether you’re a skilled anchor handler or not.

I did loose a fender earlier this summer and picked up a 15" ball fender to replace it. I got one of those anchor ball clips from Haddrells and a stainless steel clip from the hardware store next door. So if there’s enough space we can use the ball to haul the thing up.

I have yet to use the reef anchor but may have to give it a go soon.

36v Minn Kota Ulterra solved these type of decisions on my 22PF! Otherwise more chain, more chain


The chain should be close to the same length as the boat. I like the plow type anchors rigged so they could break away and be pulled out by the base. You will always be able to retrieve it

I have both but, you can almost guarantee you’ll never lose a claw anchor if you rig it to breakaway. Thanks Cracker Larry.

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I got a thicker heavier chain and shortened mine. I use the claw anchor and in my opinion a claw anchor is hands down the best.

Look at the “original sea claw anchor”. There is a copycat. Call and speak with Kevin. Expensive but worth it.