Another pig

Went to my property looking for Turkey sign and ran into around 30 pigs shot this one 20 yards running with 9mm guess the saying is true blind hog will find an acorn every now and then

Haha I wish I would have been there to see that.I once got into a passel of hogs like that at the bomb plant on a dog drive.The indian fella that cleaned the deer and hogs was busy that day.

Good shooting. That looks like a good sized pig too. Bet you used half a mag on that guy huh?

Capt. R. Killin
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yes i ran it to the plug and put another clip in i really wish i would have had my sig rifle 556r russian hunter with the 47 round clip or a shotgun with buckshot but i always see them when not exspecting to guess thats murphys law i will turn my feeders on after turkey season and start working on them to save my corn crop

FMJ’s will give better penetration on bigger hogs like that with a pistol. The little ones can be killed with a .22. I now run FMJ’s with a .45acp… no blood trail but the slug will hit vitals on a bigger one like that.

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years ago I shot a monster hog with my 357. It ran about 40 yds. Had 16 babies in it.

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