Another year about to be gone

We’ve lost some friends here from the forum. Some of our friends here on the forum lost family members.
Prayers go out to y’all.

Hope 2023 turns out to be a great year for everyone…
Don’t really do New Year’s resolutions.
But I do have a couple goals for next year.
More time off, which actually covers everything else. Never know thinking about hanging up the boots, but either way.
Get on the water on the regular basis.
Maybe a couple road trips, key West mountains who knows maybe out west.
Again I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year !!!


Hope you get that much needed time off.
We work hard so we can play hard.
Happy New Years.

Wish everyone the best!! Got some projects I want to finish, take the boat out more, and spend as much time as I can with my grand kids. Got a new race circuit this year, mostly up in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Already have a shop to park the rv and trailer, plan on flying out for races instead of keep driving. We’ll see.

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Good news OTC, slowing down to smell the roses is advisable for everyone, not necessary to leave, that is not necessarily slowing down, resting relaxed at home is.

Amen Brother. Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to my 81 million followers!


Happy New Year to all folks and families.

Happy New Year everybody. I’ve learned a lot over the years here and still would love to hang out and meet you guys. I just pray for a healthy 2023 for all of you and your family’s. Most importantly, TIGHT LINES