any flounder around?

I need to collect a half dozen flounder for exhibit at the aquarium. Is anyone catching any now or do i need to wait for the water to warm up a bit? We have gotten them before in the summer at breach inlet but is there somewhere else i should try now? Thanks

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I give it two weeks before they start showing up in force.

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A nice one was weighed in our SSWA tourney yesterday

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During the slow shrimp season last year we caught over 50 baby flounder in the folly each night…as for me catching any right now, not yet. If you drop a line off the aquarium i’d be willing to bet their are some doormate around there.

Thanks for the input. We are actually looking for 8-10" ones…I know, not legal for rec fishing but ok under our permit for display purposes. Guess we’ll hit it in a couple of weeks!

26’ Glacier Bay