Any Good Pics on ARS this weekend?

Didn’t get to go, but was looking forward to seeing some pics of Friday and Saturdays Catch? Anyone?

Meanwhile the commercial guys get this
Commercial Fishing: open for harvest upon publication of the final rule at 12:01 a.m., local time, on July 10, 2023, and will close at 12:01 p.m., local time, on January 1, 2024.

Friday was sloppy but most folks on the radio got their fish. I think a lot of single engines got stopped short though

I heard yesterday conditions were worse but there were still plenty boats grinding it out


That’s what I wanted to see!!! That is a a beautiful bounty!!! Thanks for sharing! the big one a cobia? Good eats!!!


J sent me these, hate I missed it. Phin used to lay out all the fish for pics like that, good stuff


I’m not sure why a “single” engine would deter a seaworthy vessel?

Yet, from the looks of the newer rigs coming off the line, with trips, and quads, there’ll soon be a question if dual engines are enough to get you out there, and back, safely?


It was 3x5’s with a lot of quartering wind slop where we were, sea state was giving boats under 25’ish a beating

Just a matter of how bad you wanted it, not a statement on a perpetual need for more motors. I’ve done the vast majority of my bottom bumping from 17’ botes

Ole Bloodline got ‘er done on one screw, shooting holes in my story!

The seas was this big!

My post wasn’t directed at you specifically, more of a general observation, on my part.
I recently sold my bote, with a single Merc. 250. Never doubted the integrity of the engine to get me out there, and back. Bote was 27.8’ LOA, so picking days wasn’t as stressful.

Good to see someone made good use of the 2-day ARS “season”.

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We ventured out Friday. ■■■■ I didn’t even realize this forum was still around. Haven’t been on here in 5 years probably.

Biggest Red was 29 pounds on the scale.


Welcome back @Danyelfell!

Thanks for the pics!