Any little tunny nearshore???

Often this time of year the little tunny are schooling well between 40-80ft of water. Has anyone run into any while out sheepshead fishing or bottom fishing?? Hoping to get out and toss some jigs soon…

Saw them two Saturdays ago at Edisto nearshore, nice sized schools.

I saw a big school Saturday in 90ft

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If anyone wants to go out and target them, I would love to catch a ride along and chip in for fuel. Been itching to hear the drag scream on my 10wt!

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thanks for the info. about what i figured just wanted to confirm

They are schooling like crazy out there. We were at Comanche and between them and AJ’s you can’t catch a break.

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One inch stab behind each pectoral fin immediately after boating, bleedout, gut and pack with ice till cold… some of the best sashimi! Meh… if cooked like some other types of tuna. I know it is from the mackerel family…

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