Any of y'all Predator Hunt??

Reason I’m asking is that I am thinking about getting one of those electronic calls and would like your advice.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve only called for crows. All my predator kills have come from chance meetings. A friend bought this one and said if you are in a good area it will bring coyotes in. If I see him I’ll ask more. He would alternate between Coyotes barking and rabbit squealing.

Let us all know your results, if this site survives until then. :smiley:■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-Tan-5-5/dp/B08V6N7PGG/ref=sr_1_10?crid=VAJHR5S1IRAQ&dchild=1&keywords=predator+calls+for+fox+and+coyote&qid=1631095179&sprefix=predator+calls%2Caps%2C161&sr=8-10

I’ve tried the predator calls for coyotes and have found that I see as many by turkey calling. Just my experience, and I’ve only done it in the springtime when turkeys are active and I get bored.

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Thanks for the replies fella’s. Fred, I was checking that same out yesterday on Amazon.

Ten-4 on the turkey calling, Ricky.

Got a decision to make…


I’ve also done well with a turkey decoy in the wide open field while playing the calls on my phone. That sound travels well when you’re in an open area like under the powerlines on my place. Those yotes will get about 30-50 feet away before they realize something isn’t right.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

That’s pretty cool, there. Never thought bout the phone.

As you know, I’m looking for some hunting property, and I’m not opposed to a transmission line running thru it, necessarily.

Who owns the line? Dominion? Reason I ask, and seems like we may have discussed this quite awhile back was most large utilities have programs where they will pay you to cultivate and plant for wildlife. On the right of way.

Kind of a hidden Gem many don’t know about.

A pond update is cool as well.


So I own the land, but the electrical company just has the right of way to maintain/service their transmission lines. It has its pros and cons. We have interlocking locks on my gate, which works fine until they lock you out. I’ve cut two off over the years, called them, and told them what they did. They apologize, but still don’t understand why I have to cut their locks off. Its the only way you learn!

I haven’t heard of a program in SC where they pay you for planting it, but I haven’t looked either. GA might be different. I do plant about 1/2 acre plot in one of the lanes.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Just got in from some crazy Friday traffic. So I stopped by to talk to buddy that runs the sportsman section at Ace hardware over here and he hooked me up with a Primos Alpha Dogg. Knocked $60 off online price.That’s why it’s my first stop for anything guns, Archery or hunting related.

Ricky, perhaps worth a call to Dominion regarding the R/W planting program…


I was tolt by Sman that skunk was the bait for Coyote…

He say that staking them out…requires fortitude.

Put one of those jumping rabbits out there with that call…you gonna have some nice pelts…if they around.

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Which ace? I love ours here in Walterboro. Stopped by yesterday because they had 9mm, but were sold out. Did pick up a couple of boxes of .38 Was in a Jam near Holly Hill and was pleasantly surprised with the Ace there. Even found some cheap .223 and .556. Ours is usually cheaper than Wally World, and if not I don’t mind paying a little extra just for the service and attitudes you get.

Got hung up a little late yesterday and about twilight I heard a couple of Horned Owls started “hootiing”. You can call those guys in just for fun. My Dad taught me that when I was just a little thing late one night running set lines in the Salkehatchie. We had 4 come in and then I started getting scared which made dad Laugh. Just mimic there call if you hear one and they will usually fly in close. Yea I know, pretty silly, but still fun to do.

Thinking about it, if you have foxes around, a full moon night has always been best to call them. Once you hear their raspy bark you’ll always remember it and it’s not hard for a human to mimic. Never been able to do it in the day, but got em in pretty close at night.