Any of y'all remember the "freckled face" killer? 1993

Well old boy is back on the streets. Got paroled. Tortured and murdered a four year old, now says he is normal and rehabilitated.

Guess is I was the father, I’d like him paroled. Let’s see if this post qualifies to be moved to the Political section after being flagged. I remember this evil monster just sitting at trial with no emotion.

Oh he would die a very very slow agonizing death.

When it goes political it very well could. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

OTC, I remember some of the trial. The dude never showed any emotion and actually stated if they would not have caught him, he would not have stopped.

You think a human like that is capable of being rehabilitated? I’ve got my doubts.

So we have paid to house and feed him and give him a gym to work out to become stronger so he can be more violent. Should have had a public hanging problem solved. Prisons do not rehabilitate. All they do is let them become stronger and learn other ways to commit crimes.

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I agree with you. People don’t really change IMO. The just become smarter in their deviant ways. This dude should have been “put down” and out of society right after the trial. Me, you and the rest of America have spent over 2 million dollars on this scum over his 28 year incarceration. How many other just like or worse than him are we still spending millions on?

Many have given me grief over this one, but I will stand by my wishes to see all murders (and kid touchers) put through a battery of tests to make sure no genetic or other disease… put under a medically induced coma and harvest all viable organs to give back to society. You can do a conservative search and a viable donor host is worth Millions … Liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, eyes, skin, … So many innocent top notch Americans waiting for a donor or death.

People like that never really change, especially people as sick as him. He was broken when he was born. All it will take is something to set him off.

Another thing in this case is that a Woman became his fiancé while he was incarcerated. I can’t help but think this is some kind of publicity stunt. Just hard to imagine someone marring a person they have never socialized with or spent any amount of time with.

I think that’s fairly common. They can even get married at the prisons and I imagine we flipp the bill for it.
And I’m 100% in agreeance with harvesting them pieces of $#!t organs.

Yep, I believe there are lot’s of whacko’s out there that marry inmates.

On the organ thing, I would say harvest for research. Especially the brain, as long as Fauci is not involved…just thinking about a FrankenFauci…haha…


What ever happened to good old mob justice?

Can’t find the footage where he actually pulled the trigger.

The title sucks it wasn’t a slaying.

Just spent a cup of coffee searching. That video is all over, but the actual shot scene has pretty much been canceled. Finally found it on tic toc. The app that our Government wants to take away from us all. about .37 in the video.

and that is human nature. When you get caught and get into trouble for doing something you like, you find ways to not get caught and continue. These dredges of society need to be removed.