Anybody going fishing tomorrow after all this rain

it’s killing me to get the boat wet. i don’t even care if i catch a fish really(yea right), but is anyone going to try after all this rain. it usually just muddies the waters and i never get bait. however i’ve got some frozen shrimp i can let soak. the crowds probably won’t be there due to the weather. on a day off it’s either golf or fishing…

FRESH super market or seafood market shrimp, not frozen would be better probably.

Even mud minnows too, Reds seem to be least affected by dirty water.

Maybe try 2hrs. before and after each tide, especially high for less turbulence, and mud.

High tide outside Jetties on North side too, at the drops and cast to rocks.

We out here…looking for sharks! Got skunked on them last weekend but since i caught croaker and weakfish, technically it’s not considered a true skunk! But we have caught a few and hooked up on a decent one so far…shocking so we’ll see how the rest if the day goes.

we went and surprisingly found some nice sized shrimp in the creek, just not in numbers. only caught one redfish. we stayed in the ashley mostly since the wind was so bad. o’well, sure beat’s sitting at the house wondering.

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I went this morning. No luck.

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Where did you try ji ?

Hit Hobcaw early. Nothing. Ran up to inter coastal behind Sullivans looking for any activity. Nothing. Went as far as IOP connector. Water was mud everywhere. Didn’t really see any bait. Not even the birds we’re eating. Wind and tides weren’t optimal this morning either. Pretty day.

I haven’t been catching the spotail like normal this year in the Cooper.Time to try the redbreast now.