anyone else for copahee sat 7/2?

I hope to be out there nice and early.


1996 Sunbird Spirit 170 - 112 Johnson

Have a safe trip! I was out there earlier this week and had a blast.

My son and I were going to try it yestereday but I decided that since it was our first trip we would try a little easier area. Definitely on my list to check out. We learned a lot yesterday and made some mental notes on things we need to get, do and change. Found it challenging to fish on a yak but it really give you a different perspective. Just what I need, another thing to keep me from doing things I need to do.

Have fun. I’m meeting client’s today. We’ll be across the street.

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?

Great day out there. Report has been posted.

1996 Sunbird Spirit 170 - 112 Johnson
15’ Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro