Anyone ever see this many con trails in 5 min?

Me and Jackie were checking out a clogged up ditch and took notice of all the contrails in the sky. We counted 38 individual trails. See em all the time, but never have I noticed them this many. Both picks were taken within 5 min. Jackie is 82 and he’s never noticed them like this either. Direction is towards Savannah. Did not include pics of incoming planes that were counted.


Not claiming any conspiracy or anything like that. I know what contrails are and how they are formed and not some released chemicals to harm us. What I did not know and what you don’t hear from the Climate alarmists is that A study that looked at aviation’s contribution to climate change between 2000 and 2018 concluded that contrails create 57% of the sector’s warming impact , significantly more than the CO2 emissions from burning fuel. Due to them retaining heat in an otherwise open sky instead of reflecting it back in space.

Would have been a beautiful Blue sky if not for all the aviation traffic.

I have a cousin. She totally believes that’s the government poisoning us.

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Speak of the devil. Just seeing this. My cousin posted this 3 days ago.

More chem trails spotted

Would have been a beautiful blue bird day , IF, the humidity and dew point were lower.

Nowadays, there’s a ton of aircraft up there, , dry atmosphere and low dewpoints, contrails are gone almost instantly.

For an aircraft to create contrails, it must be flying close enough to the dewpoint altitude that the movement of the aircraft causes enough pressure difference to allow a “cloud” to form as it passes, and/or for the engine exhaust to do so. The closer to the dewpoint, the longer the contrail will persist in the air before it “boils away” into water vapour again. If the air is really dry (e.g. very high) or warm (e.g. flying low) contrails won’t form at all.

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They might be OTC, but it’s not from the contrails made by high altitude flying. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve met quit a few people that believe something is being spread across the sky from them. I do my best to explain pretty much what Bolbie stated.

The one thing that I know our Government will do is dump jet fuel into the atmosphere if they are landing too heavy. They are supposed to only do it at a high altitude to let it disperse, but that does not always happen.

My cousin has a very very high IQ.
She graduated high school at like 15.
Has a couple degrees.
But over the years I have heard her speak many a Time about the government poisoning us from the airplanes.
So very obviously IQ and common Sense don’t necessarily go together.

My mom used to say that. “What a beautiful Blue bird sky, never got to see this back home.” Haven’t heard that one in a bit. Dang Airplanes clouding up our sky.


Not an original thinker, huh? Monkey see monkey do kinda guy.