Anyone have tips?

On removing a flush mounted Lowrance Hook9? I have removed the dash panel, and can see the anchors for the mounting screws. I can’t get the face off of the unit to get to the other side of the screws. I tried prying with a screwdriver, to no avail. Don’t want to destroy the unit, as someone else might want it?


Usually there are screws that have all threads (no head) and one end screws into the unit and the other end has wing nuts attached to hold the unit to the starboard. I’m not sure what you mean by the anchors.

Can you post a pic? I am pretty sure it’s done from the back and not removing a faceplate.

I have the starboard that the unit attaches to pulled away from the dash. I can see where the screws come into it from the front. It looks like some sort of metal, threaded , fastener (anchor) is embedded there? And screws attach to it from the front? I can’t see the screws from the front, therefore I was assuming, there must be a face plate covering them?

IT looks like a mounting bracket was screwed to the starboard, then the unit was screwed to the mount. If you follow me? All from the outside.