Anyone interested in offshore fishing Monday

Anyone interested in offshore fishing Monday Memorial Day?
Gregg 8032386733

Good luck on your search for a crew, and, Welcome Back to the site!

Be sure to post some pics and a report of your journey Offshore!

Hey Greg, Don here, REALLY good to hear from you buddy…

Hope all is well, especially with the family, and your rentals. You always kept such nice rental units, and willing to rent week ends only.

Maybe I can secure a few rentals for you here, I will ask my son about Mon., he like me, always enjoys fishing with you. The usual distance on this trip, or shorter?

Probably 150-200 feet. Troll and bottom fishing

Are you crackers people?

You can’t ask that in this day and age.

I think its cac’s brother in law, but since i cant remember what i had for lunch Friday i felt the need to ask.

His silence is all telling?

Greg is a very quiet gentlemanly type, much fun to fish with for sure.

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Cuts on feet, no way…glad they are ok tho.

Imagine not having a clue and jumping in barefoot…ugh