Anyone looking for thermals or NV?

I’m building my firearms training/online shooting equipment outfit (virtually located in MP) and am considering dealing a top tier thermals/optics line (and others they carry such as EOTech, aimpoint, etc), but they have a hefty buy-in. I’m trying to gauge interest / see if I can reach that minimum before I commit. Margins are pretty slim, but I would extend the best price you can get w.out being a dealer, or stealing it!

If anyone is interested please send me a note


I’m looking for something for my AK for coyotes, but I’m not looking to break the bank. I’d be a player around $1k. I don’t need anything super fancy. I’d even look at fixed magnification.

Maybe I’m way off, I don’t know. I haven’t shopped them.

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Sending you a pm…

Had to text him to see what it was. Looked through it last weekend and it is really cool. My son and son in law both got this one… I just put one on order for one of my Ar’s.


Distributor has ATN optics as well, so tell me what you’re looking at and I’ll PM you a good price!