April 16

New boat was finally delivered last week after 10 months waiting. Supply chain problems have new meaning - kept me from going out fishing.

On April 16, seas 3ish on decent interval. Not rough, easier coming back. Went with wife and father-in-law with bad back so kept things as smooth as I could.

90 feet in the North hole area, water temperature was 68.

Went out just to bottom fish, did not seem like water was warm enough yet to think about trolling for kings. Caught the usual suspects on jigs and cut bait with some exceptions. White grunts, triggers, bsb’s, small aj’s and many vermillion. Only caught one ARS and only had one cut off by a shark - usually this is a bigger problem. No porgy. Nothing big but plenty of solid keepers.

First time fishing using point lock features on the joystick (will post on this sometime separately once I have more experience) and it was pretty awesome.

Went out April 12 for quick shakedown on the boat as well. Edisto 40, 64 degrees, bonito and bluefish. 75 feet, 66 degrees caught some bsb’s and trigger. Probably only fished an hour or so.

Sorry, tried but failed to post pictures in several different formats.

Thank you for the report and congrats on the new ride!

Bad backs and running offshore don’t mix. He’s braver than me.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

nice job…planning on going out of murrells this week end