April 23 - Edisto Banks

Forecast was for little waves on big interval and decided to head to Edisto Banks area. Not smooth exactly but 30+ kts ride out and back.

Must have been a “flat water flu” epidemic because everyone else went fishing too. Heard on radio a fair bit of complaining, “one skipjack,” and some good news, “seven good fish in the box.” One report of a good rip north of us and further out but reporter said it had 70 boats on it. Since these are the words of fishermen, all likely to be at least partially untrue. Did see one nice blackfin come over a transom of another boat. Would be nice to get reports from some of the many boats out with more experienced captains.

There were 12 or so boats in the immediate area we fished, all but one trolling. No weed line or temp break, just on structure. Temps 68 - 70, still pretty cool. Minimal weed in the area, didn’t see flying fish, no birds around, seemed quiet. We did hear there was temp break further out but that was farther than we wanted to go.

Tried a different trolling set up and quickly picked up half a very nice kingfish (thanks Mr. Tax Man) and then a good size barracuda. The barracuda is a heartbreaker because at first you think kingfish and then its not. The new trolling set up wasn’t perfect so while trying to stay clear of other boats created the mother of all tangles. Since I am the only crew on our boat that does rigging or boat driving decided to switch to jigs and bait, make life easy and catch some fish.

Had a great time and put plenty in the box for us two. Big vermillion and red porgy and odds and ends. My first long spine squirrelfish. Battled a few sharks and also tried to keep them away. At one point, played tease the shark with half a fish to save wife’s fish on the way up - it worked.

. Had to move often to try to avoid sharks.

Ended the afternoon with a slugfest on light spinning tackle.

Myself and fishing buddy Lynn were out there in your vicinity. We had our first mahi at 200 ft in 70 degree water on a flatline about 7 am. Pushed on out deeper and finally to the 226 Hole with all of the other boats working the weed line. Nothing for us there, so left the crowd and worked in shallow catching our final dolphin in 400 ft. with 71 degree water temp on an outrigger. Both fish were cows about 15 lbs. Was a great day on the water. Saw the Space X and rode home at 35mph in a 22 ft center console without getting wet!

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha 250