April 8 bottom trip

went to 95 ft. Ran 30 knots on the way out, left at 2:30 and ran 27 knots on the way back. Caught vermillions, porgies, big black seabass, and red snappers. It was fun. Tight lines

No triggers??

Sea Hunt 234/250

Highly doubt you could make more than 25 knots…don’t lie

Schoolsout1 i wouldn’t lie to ya. Check the NOAA bouy yourself. 3ft @ 8 seconds is pretty calm. Simperfish no triggers but I’m pretty sure they are there.

Wasn’t it a west wind? Don’t see why you couldn’t make 25-30 going out in a westerly wind. Knocks the swell down as long as you don’t go out too far and increase the fetch between you and Charleston

Millacd you are correct. It was a SW wind, rode in the trough.