Are shrimp boats running yet?

Season has been delayed this year but does anyone know if the season has opened yet? There was occasionally a boat running this past month but DNR was doing some testting…so has anyone been out in the mornings and seen a few yet?

opens wed 22 june at 8 AM in state waters. opened tues 07june in federal waters.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Why are we crossing our fingers? The commercial season will definitely open tomorrow.

Uh, hoping for good numbers. Preseason test runs were not real encouraging.

straight from DNR website

The shrimp season normally opens in late May or early June after the peak spawning period of white shrimp. However, as a result of the extremely cold water temperatures this past winter, which caused a drastic decrease in the abundance of white shrimp, this years opening was delayed by several weeks to allow additional spawning time. The opening date of the trawl season has not been this late since 2001, which was preceded by a similar cold winter.

See today’s Post and Carlos for an article