Ashley Reds

My step-daughter came to stay with my wife yesterday so I could go fishing. I tried several of my previously good spots with no luck then tried a new spot and “JACKPOT!!”
Just as the high tide started moving out good I found a small maybe 20’ wide creek mouth with a small cove. Over 30 redfish in 90 minutes. Two over slot and two under slot and all the rest were slot fish. Kept a 24", an 18", a 17" and a 16" trout. All on Zman Trout Trick with 3/16oz Trout Eye jig head. Left them still biting because my right forearm was getting sore. I’ll post a photo of the ones I kept.


great job finding fish! that sounds like a blast!

I’m jealous, those look delicious

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fixed some of them last night, tasted great


I don’t have many good days catching like this but I’m enjoying every chance I get to go.

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Hey man, not trying to be a Karen, but the redfish creel limit is 2 per person per day currently. Nice catching though :slight_smile:

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Only once did I ever catch let alone keep 2 slot reds until now. I checked “Google Voice” and their info apparently is old. I’ll report my violation to DNR tomorrow. One oversize and/or over limit or both.

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No, don’t do that. Just remember the creel limits and “live and learn”.

An honest mistake is one thing, unsportsmanlike and unethical conduct is another.

Its 2 a day creel limit in the slot, which is 18 to 27 inches currently.

Thats my 2 cents anyway.

Exactly. Just wanted you to be aware. Not trying to be a jerk about it at all! I’m 100% sure it was an innocent mistake. EF, SC slot is 15 - 23"



So many rules, such complex rules and so many changes to rules it is difficult to comply even with the best of intentions.

Consider getting the free “Fish Rules” app for a smartphone. It uses GPS to make sure the rules are right for your location and includes fish identification assistance. Often the rules are different in state waters from the rules in federal waters. Redfish, for example, may not be harvested at all in federal waters.

The app is constantly updated.

Fish Rules’ motto is “Fish Without Fear.” That gives you an idea that you are not alone.

Great catching and good luck on your next trip.


Opppps, I got my NC puppy drum and my SC channel bass mixed up, sorry.

I need that app CY, its obvious ive got a bad case of CRS, lol

CRS I got that,haha
Maybe I should try the Ashley,haven’t been there in years because of traffic.
There doesn’t seem to be as many fish around bushy as there were a couple years ago.
Any BP anglers agree?

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It’s been pretty bad for me. But, I suspect it was the dredging. Last few trips for me have been pretty good. I predict there will be a lot of traffic there short-term due to the excitement of the ramp being dredged, but eventually tapering back off to what it was.

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Great that you’re still getting out there! Love it

The Ashley has been outstanding this Fall and Winter. A lot of redfish have been stocked there over the past 3 years. Plus, the trout bite has been pretty good too.


Thanks. I feel horrible. You weren’t being a jerk at all. I called DNR and they said with no fish to see 0ther than a photo or any way to verify my “story” they just said they would send me a copy of rules and regulations and of course told me I’m responsible for knowing the rules.

For what it’s worth I put in off of Leeds Ave and head towards the harbor until I find a little cleaner water

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My wife is getting worse so I’m getting some part time care and ordered four Google Nest cameras

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Good report. I tried last Saturday and the wind let me know I’m getting ole. It was cold and windy but the trouts were biting even though they were dinks. Had a long miserable ride back to Duncan landing. Not the correct name for that landing, but I’m sure most can relate. Hope they finish Bushy in the months to come