Ashley River and Harbor.

My son and I got a late start (couldn’t find his PFD) that got even later waiting on the Drayton Hall Drawbridge to open up. Finally got past at 8:30 and made a quick stop above Northbridge for some bait. 4 casts and we had several dozen shrimp and a few finfish. Went right to the spot I had luck with two weeks ago. Had one nice red miss the bait then waited awhile until the water dropped below the oysters. The first two fish were 20 inch reds that got tagged. Then a few rat reds and about 8 trout from micro to about 13".

I wanted to run some fuel out of the boat so I pointed the boat towards the harbor. We only fished one spot, but it was good. I started with an almost 20" trout and a few rats. Then my son figures out were the trout are hanging and boats a pair of 17-18" trout and lastly one almost 20". Kept 2 trout and ran back home. Ran 30+ miles to fish 2 spots, but it was worth it.

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a good day

Great post as usual, HB.

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

you did alright for only two spots!

BTW…did you wait for the bridge to open on it’s own time or did you try calling or signaling the operator? Just curious because we tried contacting them one time without any success. I ended up braving passing between the pilings on the side of the opening.

Great trout Iain (and son)!

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sea tonic, I got to the bridge at 8 AM and signaled twice with an air horn. I could not see anyone inside, but could see a vehicle parked. I waited about 10 mins then ran about 1/4 mile away to fish a little. At around 8:20 a train came through to which my son says “if there were sleeping, they are up now!” The person was probably awake, but waiting on the train. Ran back to the bridge and we could see the person and could tell they saw me. 5 minutes laters the bridge was up. Later in the day the bridge is usually up, but both times I have been out since moving up the Ashley I am the first person there wanting it opened.

Iain Pelto
Sea Hunt Triton 160 w/ 90 ETEC “JB3”
Native Manta Ray 14