Ashley river in a long time

Thursday__Finally got the powerhead repairs and boat in the driveway. Had to break it in again and went to Bushy and saw they have started prep-in for dredging. Decision Decision? Drove to Duncan (I know it’s not the correct name) Thomas something landing on the Ashley because I need to break this boat in and do some fishing. Well put in and started fishing as the tide was pushing me out without the trolling motor and the bite was Onnnnnnnnn. Reds everywhere down the Ashley (Down meaning tide pushing me towards Charleston.

Pushed on trying to get some Hrs on the boat and found some trouts in The Cooper River. After catching around 15+ and release headed to the Hill.
Friday started my morning in The Ashley and missed a nice trout the striked twice nearly on the top as I was retrieving my curly tail grub. But later got a few trouts and reds were something else. Enjoyed Ashley and packed up for the hill around 11


Nice job!

Thanks for another great report, and pics!!

good job as usual! I fish the Ashley but can’t seem to figure out where or what tide. It seems like every time I go at outgoing it’s really muddy

awesome job!!!

Your mojo was definitely working!

Thanks fellows. mdl5115 I have not fished the Ashley in over 20 years and still call that landing Duncan. As long as I see grass I fish. The only difference is keeping an eye on my depth finder for how shallow I am because I don’t know that body of water as Bushy. Now that I’m thinking bout it I’ll need to set my shallow depth. The tide was pushing the boat real slow so I just used the motor to stay near the grass (10’ to 15’) with the wind being a bit high. Other than that I use what works and it was working. Didn’t have any MM to challenge the flounder but normally the pearl shrimp does the trick. Either way it was enjoyable to get back in the saddle (Boat) again


Can’t keep a good man down! You continue to impress… Thanks for the report!