Ashley River Slaying

Was worried about the rain, but man it didn’t matter. We killed it. caught fish till bait was gone.
live finger mullet and live shrimp on bottom. didn’t matter.

RBF we haven’t had that great of a time in quite a while. couldn’t keep bait in water.
man i love charleston!

Awesome, I love days like that… Bet you’re on a fish high, and won’t be able to sleep…

My daughter is moving there soon to the WestEdge area…


Hope you don’t mind answering a question. How do you rig for reds on the bottom with mullet and keep crabs off? I normally fish reds at high outgoing in very small feeder creeks with z-man paddle tails and fishing low incoming has always been difficult for me except for trout.

Great report, nice sunset! Coming down tomorrow, hope for a little action myself.

The crabs in that creek haven’t really been an issue like i’ve found in the Wando. I use carolina rigs with live or cut bait, but they were killing the live bait even though water was murky.

Thanks. I’ll be fishing Monday first light and hopefully have a little luck. One of the few advantages of being old is I can fish weekdays.

Makes me want to hookup and GO!!!

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That’s what I’m talking about!

Bring that crab to the boat, quarter that thing up and use him for bait! :+1:

I had hoped to go Monday and have a report but Friday night I fell, hit the back of my head, got a mild concussion and a very sore neck. Monday afternoon I had a rear molar extracted. Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to going by next week.

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Wow, rough week

Well, after a few days like that, things have got to get better. Hope you get back to fishing soon.