Ashley River Trout Bite 4/26

Left the phone/camera in the car on Sunday but went out to fish the evening outgoing. Found the trout sitting in multiple creek mouths closer to the harbor. Caught close to ten in less than 3 ft, fast-moving water. Only one was over 14", but they were all over minnows and anything else I threw. I know they were mostly little guys because I kept reeling in half a MM. Great to know they’re feeding actively again. Hope to have some pics next time.

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Half a mud minnow usually means a bluefish,not trout. JMHO

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May have been a mix of both then. I didn’t put any blues in the boat, just trout. Either way, just happy to keep those skunks at bay.

2000 Aquasport Osprey 175 CC

Yep, nice half circle cut and you’re talking bluefish. I have lost many a MM that way.

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Those little demons are everywhere inshore right now…
Good work on the trout in the Ashley btshipp!

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Great to hear the little trout are in abundance. Sign of good things to come!

Thanks Opti, and ya’ll are right about the blues, the half circle cuts were almost surgical. I didn’t think they’d be in that murky water, I usually find them in clearer areas. Hopefully the next report will be worth sharing, good luck fellas.

2000 Aquasport Osprey 175 CC

I caught a small blue on a topwater in a creek off the Wando past the 41 bridge. I was a little surprised to find a blue all the way up there early in the season.

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Glad to hear the Ashley is producing right now hope to try it this weekend, been successful the last few weeks between Dolphin cove and The Citadel. Sure could use some live blues for Kings this weekend.

FINALLY…good to hear some trout talk. Catching reds hear and there, but no trout!

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