Ashley this morning

Put in at 6:15AM at W.O.Thomas and went down to Oldtown Creek and got plenty of finger mullet. Fished until 11:00 with finger mullet under corks and on the bottom in Oldtown Creek and Orangegrove Creek and all I could find was small bluefish. Both creek had almost constant porpoises cruising through. The last few trips have been difficult as far as catching fish goes but my brain sure gets refreshed so a good day.

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I’ve never caught fish with flipper around. And, with this heat, my personal experience has been about the same as yours. Never done much good in the middle of the summer. At least you got out there.

If your bait ain’t where the fush are, no matter how good your presentation may be, you won’t get bit. That simple! My youngen fished a hole kast weekend and one of my old buddies slready got there with his son so we backed off from them 60 feet was the only air gap…needless to say we watched them catch 6 reds and miss 6 more / got off before she got herr first hit. Then she missed 3 more reds while they had zero action.

Yep, you definitely are right. I just got back to fishing salt after 7 years away from it. During those 7 yrs I slowly got the largemouth figured out in certain areas. I used to have a few spots on the Ashley and Cooper that almost always produced, kind of figured out where the fish were during the tides and seasons. Now those spots aren’t producing and I feel lost.

I’ve caught some trout with flipper nearby, but it seems like never a redfish. I move when that happens.

The Ashley should be loaded up with menhaden. Try catching those and going back up river where there are less menhaden and fishing. That’s been productive for me over the years. The big reds love a fat oily menhaden.

Got a hole that the reds show up after the water leaves the grass and will stage there for sbout an hour in 18" of water. When fliptail shows up i watch these reds move up into 2" of water where there nostrils are completely out of the water and get in a tight group and won’t budge nor eat until 30 minutes after fliptail leaves. Have seen this take place in the one spot for over 20 years

That would make a cool video… but don’t ever show that to anyone. Keep some things just for you.

Gets my brain working. I have a few creeks that I do well with redfish around high tide but mostly dry up around low tide so I’ll be thinking “where did they go to wait for the water to come back up?” Thanks.