Available Friday- Sayurday- Sunday

I am off the rest of the week and would not mind catching a out, or sheepshead at the jetties, if anyone has a spot/ Have not looked at the weather, but…

Should be awesome because i am recovering from surgery…

Update,i just looked what do you know,it looks great…lol

That seems to be the way it goes for me too, Bobby. Heal quickly!

I was thinking of going Friday morning, probably to Sullivan’s Island.

Christus Rex

I’m getting tired of the catching but loads of 14 inch trout I’m ready to bring out the big guns 5 inch live mullet 1 ounce Carolina rigs and do some bottom bouncing for some doormats gators and bull reds, My seat map is dead I wouldn’t mind running out to 100 feet and getting for vermillion groupers b lineresif you know some bottom numbers I’ll put some gas in the boat or we can take my 22 Edgewater

J. Simmons
22 EdgeWater “Badfish”