Avenger bay boats

I know the history behind Avenger and that they are now owned by Carolina Composites (along with Bulls Bay and Pioneer) but what are y’alls thoughts on them? I think they’re a great looking boat and I love the layout of them but I’ve never actually been on the water in one. Do any of y’all have any firsthand knowledge on them you’d like to share?

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Capt Mike Waller has one (I think the 26). The remarkable thing about them is how early they plane. There is almost no bow rise and before you know it its planing. I’ve been on it and it was an eye opener for me.

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Great boats, great layout, first class company. Quick and ride like a dream.

Absolutely love them. I had a 26’ with a Yamaha 300 on it, hands down best bay boat I have had. Before it I had a Pathfinder 24 Tournament, it was a great boat but was not comparable to the 26’ Avenger.

i have the 26 with F 300. Love the ride, deck layout and storage. I fish the ocean reefs a lot and the boat does well.