Awesome Offshore Day (w/ video)

We started out trolling trying to get some wahoo but ended up getting nothing but barracudas. So we switched to jigging at about 175 feet. Boy was I glad we did that! It was nonstop action all day long.

You can see the footage from the trip below.

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Fantastic video and report!

Thank you!!

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“you know what!? I might use that…”

“as bait?!”

“no… the dehooker”

That made my morning! :joy: Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for that report. I appreciate you taking the time to film all that action. makes me feel a part of it.

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Thanks Nutz! I love it out there. You never know what you will come up on out in the deep!

Hahaha. I thought that was funny too, Stump. I didn’t notice it until I was editing the video. :joy:

Thanks man, I enjoy recording the footage for everyone to see. That’s basically how I learned to try new things when fishing offshore. I watched a ton of YouTube videos.

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