Back in the Carolina's

I’ve recently moved back tk the Carolinas after a couple years away for work. Being back somewhat close to the salt (Charlotte) is awesome as i missed it quite a bit.

I usually launched out of IOP and didnt mind the fee however I went for the first time on Saturday and it was $50 to park with a trailer! Idk what happened since I left but that is absurd! Suffice to say we arent going back.

The problem is we kayak fish and I knew quite a few spots that did not require a long paddle. I’m now eyeing bulls bay and wando river. I have used the paradise landing twice without much luck but was also just starting out at the time and didn’t know much.

My question is simple. If you were at Paradise and using a kayak (Hobie) what direction would you recommend? Up river or down river and what are you primarily targeting?!

Welcome back!

There is a Kayak Keosk at the Pitts St. bridge area.

(Mt. Pleasant)

Not sure how it might help you on your adventures?

Some good fishing off of the end of the old bridge!

Go to Gadsdenville ,it’s right across the ICW , I remember bitchin about paying five bucks at IOP.If you’re going to paradise I would recommend going upriver.Current rainfall amounts will determine how well you do.

Make sure you have your gat in your back pocket if you go to Gadsdenville.Then again I have my heater wherever I go.Haha

I thought it was $15, but I haven’t been over there in years now. Too many yankees ruining everything.

There is a kayak only launch on on Sullivan’s. Hit Station 26 and drive until you find the dirt road that runs into the creek. Right out of the ramp takes you towards Goat Island/IOP Marina. Left out the ramp takes you towards the harbor. There’s lots of good fishing in this area. I used to put my little boat in here years ago before the local neighborhood stole it from the public and turned it into a yak only ramp.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will check out Gadsdenville and Station 26. Both look like they are in some fishy areas looking at google earth.

For Gadsdenville how much before low tide do you need to put in and take out? 2 hours? Seems like it dries out at dead low

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Like 23Sail said, Station 26 on Sullivans is good. The docks on Conch creek used to hold some fish. I had one of my best days ever kayak fishing back there. I have also fished the docks along the Wando putting in at Paradise. Troll for trout, it works. Copahee, (Gadsdenville) can be good but gets a bit of fishing pressure AND, you’d better time your fishing around the tides or you’ll be dragging your kayak through the pluff mud the last 100 yards or so to get back to the landing.


Welcome back! Agreed with all comments above plus a few thoughts below.

Paradise: 8 years ago I was away from my truck for 10 mins helping some people launch their boat before launching mine and came back to all my rods being stolen. Just use extra caution when using the smaller landings. Good fishing up that way though, one of my favorite places to fish growing up. The docks near the landing either direction will hold fish; if we get a ton of freshwater I’d be going left towards park west/dunes west.

Gadsenville: I was walking back to my truck at Gadsenville one evening and was greated by a pack of pitbulls, luckily neither me or any animal was hurt as I was able to get back safely into my truck without needing my sidearm. 2 hours on either side of low tide you should be ok, just pay attention to east vs west winds as it will affect how much water gets back there and when. Fishing pressure has increased since I frequented that area but have caught a lot of reds up there.

It’s been a few years since I’ve put in at station 26, but that was our go to when shrimping the harbor at night; never had an issue. A buddy put in for the first time a few weeks ago there and did really well on his kayak.

I’ve only walked by it, but there’s a “kayak launch” in Awendaw off of 17n; I’m pretty sure there was a brown or green side on 17 which is what made me go check it out…looks super peaceful and fishy but I’ve never fished out there.

Best of luck to you.

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