backing plate

I need a backing plate to install a bracket Garelick dive ladder. Anybody have a suggestion as to where around here to find an approximately 4"x5.5" piece of stainless? And/or a metal fab place to make one and drill the holes through stainless easier than I can?

I know your preference is stainless, mine would be also, but if you’re
interested I’ve got several pcs of 5/16 X random alum.


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I might have a suitable piece in my shop, I’ll look tomorrow. If not, Raymond Martin, Martin Marine Design and Fabrication in Hardeeville can fix you right up and mail it to you.

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Buddy of mine re-did a 15 whaler a few years ago, he turned it into a center console, was able to purchase a new one from SeaFox not sure if the factory will still sell them direct or not. But may be an option.

Lowes and HD sell flat stock Aluminum! I used some for backing plates for a pedestal seat I installed!