bad luck at copahee

i was out in copahee yesterday with the fly rod and stayed for four or so hours…maybe more, i lose track of time easily. i got to my destination a couple hours before high tide and stayed maybe two or three hours after. i saw easily 50 tails and threw every fly at them i had and didn’t have any takers. i tried every conceivable fly- placement in relation to the fish and had every one pass right over it.

came back with the mrs. today right at high tide because she’s never seen a tail and in two hours i may have seen three or four. of course, the ones i saw and tried to point out to her, she could not locate. luckily, we brought spinning rods and i brought in a couple at the end with shrimp under a cork. and right when it started getting good, her back started hurting so we had to leave. also, i was able to drop both my stake-out pole and my anchor (kayak) on the way back.

so all in all, pretty disappointing weekend. i would post the pictures from today but don’t know if my computer won’t let me on this site or if there’s some secret to posting pictures that i don’t know (pop-up window comes up with connection problem message).

you need to host pics on photobucket or some other hosting site and put links to the image file in your post

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?

that’s kind of what i figured…i’ll give it a shot

don’t mind the awkward position in the second picture. it was about 2 seconds before dropping my rod. i didn’t measure the fish…too long of a walk back to the kayak

Mark your rod.i used tape.


Get you one of DNR’s ruler sticker, cut off just the measuring part. You can stick most of it on your rod (fishing rod).

Nice fish!