Bad Luck

Talk about having some bad luck.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]
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I feel for old boy.
I personally think his guesstimate 7 or 8,000 is way low. I would be concerned the fiberglass would start delaminating…

Telephone pole by my house got hit several years ago. Killed my AC , stove hot water heater and dryer. Didn’t hurt anything else just the 220 stuff.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

WOW, the power of lightning and the paths it will take are unpredictable.

Hope insurance took care of things for him.

And OTC, that’s weird on it only getting the 220 stuff.


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I can only imagine the heat that run thru that hull. I’d definitely try to go for a total loss.
I had two huge oaks in my back yard lighting hit about 5 years ago. It ran in one down the roots & came out the other tree. The one it ran in blew a 6" wide strip of bark off of it from about 30ft up all way to ground. It blew a huge hole about 10ft up the one it came out of.
They both died with a year of getting hit.

[navy]Sportsman Masters 207 Yamaha F150[/navy]

Was he wearing his wifes sandals?