Bah humbug!

Noticed Georgetown and Pawleys Island have had their lights up for a couple weeks now.
I seen the city of North Myrtle Beach is putting theirs up today.
2 bucket trucks
2 trucks with trailers
2 or 3 more pickup trucks at least 10 or 12 employees.
And can’t forget about the storage facility for over 90% of the year…
Just think all the money wasted just in this 1 municipality. Then look at the big picture all over the United States.
That money could be used for books or computers in our schools. I’m sure you could easily put a roof over (disabled homeless veterans ) someone’s head for a year with that money they spend on these stupid lights.

As long as I am on my soap box and whining.
Most of all the cities are banning the use plastic bags.

Don’t try to carry it by the handle.
But they have a loophole. They can use the plastic bags as long as they’re the heavy thick 1 that can be reused.
And they’re using them in the same manner. So they are now using at least 4× the material to make 1 bag.
Wile e coyote super genius !!?

remember when they switched from paper bags to plastic to “save the trees” !!??
Stupid politicians…

Was in Foodlion in Charleston County, the lady broke out 4 paper bags for 10 items, I said that she could condense the items into 2 bags, nope, she said that the bags will break.
A while back everyone said plastic is the way to go to save tree’s, now plastic is the enemy, go figure.

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Don’t mean to co-opt your OP but it turnt to trash

I like plastic bags

At one time the liberal disaster was that we were running out of trees . I remember the commercial of a guy with a big chainsaw headed for the last tree on earth. Then the push was on to save the trees and use plastic bags. But are plastic bags made from petroleum?

And what those dolts didn’t realize (or didn’t care) was that paper comes from trees that were planted specifically to make PAPER. It’s not like some guy is randomly cutting down trees to make paper.

We are surrounded by idiots, morons and those that have an agenda and really don’t care about right, wrong or logic.

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Trees are cut down for lumber.The crap leftover is used for pulp to make paper.

It basically boils down to what ever the politicians have $$$ invested in. Those are the best for everyone to use. :money_mouth_face:

We’ve backed down a little but still move 150-180 loads a week. These were all planted with the specific purpose of being harvested and will be replanted.

Who told you that?

I have been waiting on that. Thank you. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: