Bait at the ramp?

I was looking at heading down to fish sunday morning and was wondering where I could find bait early sunday. Right now I’m working six days and won’t be able to get bait before sunday morning, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I’ve bought it before at the ramp, but didn’t know if that was an option. Thanks for any help.

I’ll make sure I post my results (good or bad). This is my first trip since March when the fish were in the river, so hopefully I can locate a few humps holding fish. Tightlines!

You will be able to buy it at the ramp after about 5 am. Not sure how long they’ve been hanging around, but wouldn’t thing much later than 7:30.

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Ditto what Tim said but if you get there late and miss the bait man you can still get bait from Lake World just across the dam or the bait man a little further down the road behind the Shell station.

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Thanks guys for the information. I wasn’t sure if the other two bait places would be open that early on sunday if the bait guys weren’t at the ramp.