Bait Binder in Summerville vs Charleston

I bought (and will be returning) two 5lb bags of Bait Binder at Dick’s in Summerville for $19.99 ea.
Spent yesterday in W. Ashley with the wife caring for our handicapped 22yr old grandson while his mom worked. She’s an RN at Roper. I went to West Marine on Savanna Hwy and got two 12lb bags for $25.99 ea. Obviously a much better price plus really nice people vs Dick’s.

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I stopped giving my hard earned dollars to a company that caved to the woke mob

Dick’s appropriately named

I hope they go the way of all the others that caved like Bed Bath Beyond who exiled My Pillow because Mike Lindell saved Kyle Rittenhouse from the Soros funded DOJ

Sorry for the rant hope you get your refund from Dick’s

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F Dicks... well I guess I need to double f-dicks I need  10 characters
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Haven’t shopped at Dick’s in several years. Mostly over-priced sports clothing anyway.

I stopped shopping at Dick’s when they took their own stance on gun control. They aren’t targeting me as a customer, so I don’t spend my money there. Its a win win. I’ll go to PSA.

Dick’s does still sell guns in their stores, just not ours in SC.

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Poor donkeys…
Nothing safe from crazy people

What in tarnation do you do with 16 sacks of cut off donkey dinks?!

Barnyard feed and supply in Ridgeville has fish meal and clay. A whole lot cheaper than baitbinder. Not sure if i would shrimp over bait if Dick’s was the only place I could buy it!