Bait Situation

Hello guys, I’m coming down for a trip in the next few days. Haven’t fished the salt in a while. Can someone give me the scoop on the bait in the creeks. I’ll be fishing the Cooper. I figure there will be some FM. What about any skrimps? They in there yet?

Not sure about shrimp, but the baitfish (hadens and mullet) have moved in thick. I’ve found some nice size shrimp in the bellies of trout so I know they are somewhere. I don’t fish with bait so I can’t help ya too much!

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Plenty of smaller grass shrimp around per usual this time of year, seen a few larger ones back in some skinny creeks too

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Only saw a couple bait-worthy shrimp last weekend in the Folly area. One in my minnow trap, one in a cast net. Other than that, nothing to dependable.

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Menhaden were piled up at the north mouth of Yellow House Creek. This was a couple weeks ago, but I doubt they went far.

We caught a few baitvshrimp per cast in the icw at garis landing two weeks ago. Saw Hadens popping but caught the shrimp. Dead lw tide.