Bait Tank Opinions

Okay … just want to take a pulse to see what everyone’s opinions are with regard to bait tanks …

Which bait tank do you think is the best out there regardless of price?

What is the best budget bait tank?

What is the most practical size bait tank to have generally speaking? (Pretty sure I already know the answer to that question - biggest tank you can fit that you can afford … LOL)

Do you own a transport tank and if yes, what is the best tank to use for transporting bait from the store to the boat?

I’m asking because I think we’re going to have to get another tank … I have a 24 gallon Grayline tank ( which I like very very much … It is an oval shape and very well insulated and fits nicely behind the seat on my Sea Pro …

Likewise, it fits perfectly in the back on my truck as well as Liz’s Durango which makes it a great transport tank …

I could go the cheap route and get a Bait Jacuzzi ( and use it for the transport tank or I could upgrade my boat tank to a 30 gallon with a little more user friendly filtration system (Graylines have 2 pumps and the 24 gallon has a fixed filter tray) and bait friendly interior (oval tank but the pump intake tubes run in the tank with the bait and sometimes suck them in against the intake slots) and use the Grayline for transportation …

I’m not really in a rush because I can still drag the boat to get bait, but with the weather warming up it cuts into the fishing time after work … so I’m looking for ideas …

Let me know and there are no bad answers … thanks

… it’s my Wife’s fault we HAVE to fish !!!

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I would use the grayline for transport and get a 30g Super Bait tank for the boat, 50G if you can fit it. Materflow tanks seem about the same as SBT, but there are not many around and I think they quit making them. Bottom line, the bigger tank you can put on the boat the better. I think water volume and aeration are more important than anything.

If you want to go cheap then you can just get something like this
for transport and use the grayline in the boat. You can get away without filtering for the 30 minutes from the shop.

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I have had experience with old Grayline (30,20 gal), Bluewater(30,20 gal)and I think they are great tanks…but you do not realize how much better the Super Bait Tanks are until you have one in your boat. If I had to buy one now, I will not think it twice.

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What is the overwhelming reason why SBT are so great? I keep entertaining the idea of building my own tank out of a big plastic round coke syrup tub I have, but keep looking at the effort and money to do it vs. buying a tank. Is it the separate chamber, or air diffuser?

I was planning on doing a danco air infuser on my homemade setup, but really don’t see a way to do a separate chamber. The filter area would still be in the same tank as the bait.

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Geronimo - I know that filtration and temperature control are key key key … These high end tanks are thickly insulated to control the internal water temps and the filtration helps especially with Shad slime and Herring scales … The “infused” air is okay I guess but I can accomplish the same with a 12v bubbler added to the built-in livewells on my boat … I have a 30 gallon livewell that is well insulated on three sides but the lid is lacking any insulation and it doesn’t hold water during transport … there are built-in overflows that allow the water to spill into the bilge … I CAN keep Striper alive in it during the winter though … LOL


If it was my boat I would remove the cooler/flip back seat yall have. Put a 50gal in its place and then get with Happy Bob to build you some type of leaning post to go around the 50. Equip it with rocket launchers and your good to go. Use your 30 built in live well as your new cooler for drinks and such. As much as yall like to buy bait on Fri or Sat and make it last through Monday a 50gal is the only way to go.

I don’t know what the craze is about the SBII. They are GREAT tanks but I don’t know if they are any better than the other plastic weld tanks. I will take my 50gal Baker over a SBII anyday. Wish I could get another brand new. I have an 1 1/2" of insulation completely surrounding my tank…I am in the market for another tank down the road and I will admit, it will be a SBII. Buy only because they are the most local people that will build a 100gal tank these days…

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Ha … Chip, I’ve already got 16 rod holders on the boat now (NOT including the 6 already built into the center console) once Bob finishes the trolling bar it’ll be 20 with room for more …

Liz already thinks I’m crazy (should have seen her cringe when I started cutting 2" holes in the back deck to install the rod holders for the trolling bar) …

Can’t imagine what she’ll say when I tell her I’m replacing the bench for a leaning post with 6 - 8 more rod holders … LOLOL

Although, when we were talking about it the other day she did ask how big of a tank did I think we could fit if we took out the bench and replaced it with a leaning post …

UGH, fork out another $1,500 … I need a better job … :confused:

Rick, if you go with Chip’s idea you can have seat cushions made for the top of the tank. I had them made for my 50SBT at Parrots in Irmo. I have ordered a thirty SBT for most times in my boat. The 50 will become transport and big trips. If you get a fifty we could work something out on the seat cushions since I will not be using them.