Baitbinder in minnow trap

Anyone ever try using bait binder in their mudminnow traps?
I have some leftover from shrimping and thought since it sinks it may work better than bread.

I understand there are cheaper baits. Just curious.

Anything stinky will work and bread is easy and works great. So never considered it. It may work well but you cant go wrong with bread or a few dozen other things either.

Don’t know if you might get in trouble for using that per the rules about license and all… Would be curious to know…what say ya guys?

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There is a rule about what you use the binder for beside shrimping?

As to the minnows…they are attracted to anything and everything.

That’s only for casting a net over bait. Should be fine to use bait for any other purpose.

It would probably be best not to have a castnet in the boat at the same time as the bait.

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thats what i meant…and some smart alec might also try to say you were baiting for shrimp in a trap…which i dont know if you can have shrimp traps…think theres a rule about that too…or if they are used around here…and you definately cant have bait in the off season…so many crazy rules now, hard to keep up with them all. i didnt even know you are supposed to have your name on your minow trap until a few months ago…but mine are marked now. one says bonzo, one says larry, one says peapod. hahaha :)…heard tell they are missing theirs :wink:

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Nongame Device - Minnow Trap


A cylindrical device not longer than 24 inches and no more than 30 inches in circumference or a rectangular device not larger than 24 inches long, 8 inches high, and 9 inches wide. The mesh must be no smaller than ? inch bar mesh. The throat opening of the funnel of the trap may not exceed 1 inch in diameter.

License Requirements:

Recreational fishing license only with a limit of 5 per person. No commercial minnow traps allowed.

No closed season.

Marking required:

Must be marked with name and customer ID number (See DNR issued fishing license).

also does state no shrimp traps allowed

heres a few more rules some may not know…

unlawful to gig for flounder in salt
waters during daylight hours.

? It is unlawful to gig for sharks.

? It is unlawful to gig red drum or spotted
seatrout during Dec., Jan. and Feb.

shrimp…closed season december 16th thru April 30th:

? 12 dozen dead or live shrimp allowed per boat during closed

. Shrimp pots or traps are prohibited.

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I wondered what happened to my minner trap [:0]

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“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.” -Robert N. Rose

Thanks for the info. I guess now days if you have it in your possession your guilty of doing something illegal. I can understand why the DNR would connect the net and binder, and think your poaching shrimp.
I guess it’s just not worth the hassel.

No LEO can ticket you for “presumed” guilt of a “possible” crime. Unless there a law against carrying binder and a net in the same vehicle (boat, car, or truck) then there is nothing wrong with the practice.

If a cop stops you driving down the road for a traffic infraction, and you hand him/her your CWP as required, do you think they’ll arrest you if they notice a ski mask sitting in the back seat? They could say you were planning on robbing a bank.

If there’s no law, don’t let people intimidate you…badge or no badge.

Possesion of shrimping poles on the water outside the season is illegal. How many people get tickets each year for launching and tying up at the ramp waiting for noon. DNR slaps them with a ticket for having the poles on your boat outside season even though they werent fishing or shrimping just possessing. Whats to say they wont do the same for possession of bait binder or other products specifially made for bait shrimping.

Cape, your statement is not entirely true. They can write you a ticket, it’s your choice to pay or fight in court (prove your innocence).

one of my shrimp poles is my “shallow water anchor” so I guess I’m guilty and should be fined unless I change it and say my shallow water anchor is my “shrimp pole” during shrimping season

Friogatto I saw a couple of guys on the Pitt St bridge/pier using chicken backs with skin on in their minnow traps. Was working pretty good too. They had a bunch of minnows in a bucket with water and I didn’t see a net anywhere.

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