We left out around 8AM and had some early action. Dwight and his son caught 2 nice release Reds . A while later they caught a small released Red. Then they opened the cooler and there they were … the bananas. Not another bite the rest of the morning.

Capt. Steve Fralin
Ugly Ducklin Charters
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last time we had bananas on board, we didn’t have a bite until I found the banana. I made the guy that brought it throw it overboard and the guy that brought the banana caught a atlantic sharp nose that would have challenged the state record in the next 30 minutes. also caught several other fish.

It’s amazing how that works huh!? Gotta love fishing!

Fishing Nerd

“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”

There is NO fishing HooDoo that fishing MoJo can’t overcome. :wink:

Could be a great opportunity to sell ‘Fishing GrisGris’. After all, you are fishing in Edisto. :smiley:

Good report as always, Captain.