Bank Fishing Charleston Area

Looking for some areas to bank fish that isn’t off a pier.

Anyone ever fish off the rocks at North Charleston Riverfront Park, the bridge that goes over Nowell Creek near where the old Battery soccer field is on DI, or Foster Creek at the bridge that goes from Tanner to Yeamans Hall area?

Or maybe some other recommendations? Everyone one in the house is out of town, and i just don’t want to pull the boat out with all the rain going on.


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Not quit Charleston area but not too far, the Beaufort side under Whale branch bridge holds some really nice trout fishing.

Not sure if you still can, but when you cross over the Kiawa river on Kiawah parkway the bank on the right side had some really good fishing. Trout, black drum, spot, red fish, etc. Other than that I don’t know many areas around Charleston open to bank fishing.

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Haven’t fished it in years, since before the pier was added. The couple of times I did fish it I never caught anything, but back then I was more concerned with partying rather than fishing. The creek on the rocks side, Noisette, is super shallow at low but I have seen some people catch flounder and crabs. The pier side and pier itself almost always has someone on it when I pass by… I doubt they are leaving empty handed. Would have to be worth a try a few times!

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Riverfront park holds good flounder if you know what you’re doing. Plenty of yahoos out there with metal leaders and chicken rigs. Don’t be that guy. Structure, structure, structure. If you’re not getting hung up, you aren’t flounder fishing. Live mullet, mudders, or gulp slow drag across the bottom. I’ve seen those flounder laying on top of the rocks plenty of times. Don’t be afraid to float a bait over and all up in those rocks. I’ve also seen the occasional sheepshead cruising through.

yeah i am thinking about trying the north side of riverfront park. i guess there is no fence blocking me there. My other thought was down the sides of Pitt Street near the kayak launch area. I’ve never tried either of the spots.
Tide should be last 2 hrs of incoming., but better than sitting out at home.

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Oh yeah there is that northbridge park area on Cosgrove too.

You could go to the marina at the old navy base,at the mouth of shipyard creek.Might find a couple shark teeth also.Just a short walk down a path to the right side when you get to the parking lot.

At the cosgrove pier everybody uses cut shrimp and mostly catch pinfidh. Either catch or buy lame mud minnows and you will catch some red drum there Same goes at the N Charleston locations. Use a Carolina rig with a long leader and hook the minnows near the tail They will swim more eraticly and live longer. Everything swallows the minnows head first