Took five guy’s from up in Monroe and Charlotte, NC Saturday morning who were down here while their wives attended a baby shower over in W Ashley -left Ripley about 7:30 (they were wore out from the night before and didn’t show up at the dock till 7:15) They wanted to do some bottom bumping so we headed out to a spot south and east that Chris Chavis (Finstalker Charters) put us on. We decided to let these guy’s drag some plugs on the way out and maybe snag a king - passed green 3 and set out four plugs including my 20 year old “King Getter” (my favorite old lure for Kings) Immediately one of the short lines goes off and it’s the biggest adult Cuda I’ve seen in a while - he was tearing it up -breaking water and giving the guy’s from up in the hills a show. That was it for the bottom fishing trip - they wanted to catch some big fish like that one! Trolled south and east and hooked a day full of nothing but cuda’s. Had one large hit on the King Getter and the fish spooled my old 6.0 Penn before breaking the 120# mono and taking my old lure with him. (If anyone catches that fish in the future I’d like to have my lure back - there’s a $10.00 reward for it’s return in any condition):smiley: Let one of the kids (college age guy) steer the boat back towards the hill as he was facinated with the gps and he wanted to see what it was like from up top on the helm. After about an hour I told him it was a lot different than running a boat in the lake back home wasen’t it - he say’s I’ve never even been on a boat before!!! They all had a good time it was a two trash bag day of Miller Lite cans for them - I’m sure they got scolded when they hooked back up with their wives and girlfriends because they had big plans for the evening that I’m sure none of them were able to make- No pictures - figured no one would want to see five chubby white guy’s (I mean really white guy’s)without their shirts on!
Mike Austin