Bass Pro Shop Line Quality

Had my spinning mono reels loaed at Bass Pro Shop using their premium green mono 15lbs & 20lbs. .03 per yard machine spooled a sound or poor decision?

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well you atleast got some new line put on, can’t go wrong with that, has to be better than the old line.

AWT, I’m interested in whatever you find out. keep us posted. the price is surely right.

don’t know if it is the same one your talking about but my friend bought some bass pro brand line and it had so much memory it practically respooled itself.

We spool mono for 3 cents a yard here too… and ya dopn’t have to drive to Savannah or MB… jus sayin :wink:

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as do we here at Haddrells Point, .02 a yard for decent quality mono.

keep it local, no matter what shop.


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DillyD give me a shout brotha.


Fish are too valuable to be caught only once.