Batting average .500

My fishing outings tend to be teaching family members how to fish, untangling line, re-rigging lost gear, managing the dog, etc but last Saturday I got to fish a little bit! I can blame the rod time but it has been pretty hit/miss on my boat lately. Another distraction has been exploring flats on flood tides. I know some good spots but have been trying to find fish on the Ashley flats to no avail. Enough history
Last Saturday fished the incoming on the Ashley. Started by catching shrimp which was easy. We started with z-man plastic (electric chicken) and picked up several smaller reds in a tiny creek. Barely boat wide in 1’ of water. Sure there is new oyster rash :blush: . We missed several larger reds but lets just call it productive. Moved to the spot I had planned to fish and was borderline late to the tide. Managed another small red and on the last cast of the day picked up a legal flounder. The dog was happy. We all appreciated the cooler weather.


Nice Flatty!

Thanks for the report!!

I’m not sure i read this right…did you just comment on making the dog happy? If it takes you to go fishing to make your dog happy, by golly that dog has it’s priorities in check and if you want to live a happy life go fishing even more…sure beats a good day at work hands down!!!


Great day.
you’ve had better luck with flounder in ashley than me. I catch probably 25 babies every year when casting for bait shrimp and have even seen some “OK” but under slot ones at night with a light, but never caught one legal size there.
Thanks for the report!

Good question splittail, I had a video to upload of my dog barking at a boat side rat red but it failed to upload. The goal is to keep my wife happy and she is the one catching the reds so the day was a success. Regarding location of the flounder, it was just above the wappo cut. We spent most of the day upriver. I’d call the marina area the Ashley but not sure that is right

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Nice report especially when I see a flat one. Stick with it!!!

Nice report, thanks!