Battle Gear--Winter Warfare Wear

Late Fall thru Early Winter issue

Use caution Komrad you may be mistaken for Russian T-55 * Tank Commander in the Ukrainian Steppes. They usually get battlefield promotion to cosmonaut! :wink:

*(no more T-72s left)

Hey wait a dog gone minute! Who’s that 1 finger salute directed to?

No country for old men :point_down:

I have a pair of those. Toasty warm.

Is that your bell in an earlier life

Ive worn a pair of those completely threadbare in my days.

I feel sure this pair will outlast me

I wore them many years down on the waterfront.They’re a lot easier to remove than long johns when you’re steaming in a hot boiler room.haha If I’m out for a while, I like my wool.

You’re a very observant observer

Brung that ole 95 pickum truck too that pulled the boat 650 miles both loaded like Jed Clampett with a top cruising speed of 52

I was very popular on 95 S cuz had a lot of folks blowing horns, flashing headlights and pointing a finger skyward yelling at clouds some tossed me some free eggs but I was never successful catching one

At least you made it to the South!

Free eggs and all!

Nice fit, Captain!

A little high on the center of gravity, but, a little ballast in the rear, you should be good!


I missed this gem… Love that hat, got a couple close to it. Warm head and ears, what could be better on a cold day.

Bay, it’s gonna be a cold day in hello before you see snow on your bell again where you are now!!

Went to Sams yesterday and saw duck cloth fleece lined pants for $20 and change.

I got 2 pairs.

daddy like…

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Those pants are great outside. Try wearing them inside the truck and start to sweat! They work almost too well.