BB North 10/28 last trip for the season

So im going to start off by saying this was by far my best season ever (been shrimping for 12-14 years). Three trips this year and cooler out all three times. 1st trip cowpins 4 passes 1.5 hour and done, 2nd trip BB 5 passes 2hours done and 3rd trip BB again 4 passes 1.5 hours.

For this trip just my brother no kids. We put in shortly after one at buck hall and off we go. We hit the main channel and hang a right at the sandy beach and hed to our fav spot keeping the boat up on plain ( im sure you can see where this is going hahaha). As we are heading to our spot we actual see a lot of boats in the area we like to go too. My brother decides to go around on the otherside of the group of boats, 15 or so. Well he hit the enviable mud/sand bar right on the other side of the narrow channel. I go flying to the front of the bout and catch my self from going over the boat. Very lucky no one got seriously injured just got a raspberry rash on the side of my knee frome the rough floor. It happened and this was the worse either one of use have hit a sand bar. Im sure it was quite a show for the ones that were out there (you know who you are lol). Back to the shrimping. We back track a little and set up on the east side of everyone closer to the ocean. At first we started to set up in the channel a bit but just didnt feel good to me because the current was ripping. At that time we lost one pole and started to set up in 3’ of water and worked over to 1.5’. Four passes later on 9 poles we pulled up poles with a full cooler. As we left i spoke to a gentlemen to see how he was doing and he said not so good. I recommend to him to quit working the poles in the channel because by now the water was really clear and for him to work the end pole that are in the chocolate milk. I hope he got on them.

Well i hope yall enjoyed the season as much as i did. I look forward to next season and posting. God bless all of you and be safe. One more thing id be glad to help anyone out who is struggling. Just DM me.

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That is a great season! It’s so easy to get shallow in BB and I’m glad nobody was hurt badly. I accidentally laid down a perfect track one day out so now I just have to follow a line on my chart. Things shift around once you get past White Banks but I rarely, and slowly, go that way.

See you next year.

Good deal, glad folks had a good season!