BB North 9.25.23

We hit Bulls Bay right at low tide with only half a dozen boats visible. My wife and I re-visited the far north end making sure to set up in 2 1/2 feet of water over pluff mud. The conditions were really nice. 3.5 mph breeze to keep the gnats away, low 80s to begin the adventure. The water was pretty clear so I had my doubts about production. We anchored and pinned to single pole. Threw bait around and waited for some tide movement. We started throwing and caught 20+ of large shrimp. I never saw this much uniformity. We paced ourselves and waited 10 minutes between throws for the shrimp to return to the bait. This worked great. No jellies, no debris, a few spots and minnows as by-catch. We watched birds, filled a 32-quart cooler, and had a great day. On the road by early afternoon.

Very encouraging, thanks for post