Beaufort report 9/23

We went out Friday night the water was like glass worked the high tide going out and did pretty good with a mix of mostly medium to large. Would’ve went back Saturday but as I get older it seems the old bones need more recovery time lol


Really well done, @MikeT!

Is that your boat after shrimping?? I don’t understand because every time I go shrimping it’s absolutely covered with dirt and debris at the end of a trip.

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Excellent, finally a report with a full cooler.

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lol mine gets like that from time to time for the most part it was a really easy trip Friday night.

Best report I’ve seen Mike! Great job; going to trying very soon.

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@MikeT heard any reports out of St. Helena sound around the Combahee banks area by chance? Headed that way in a few weeks and just curious. TIA!

We decided to roll out Tuesday night to try and get a trip in before the hurricane man that was a good call!!! 6 passes and we were done! Them bugs were in there and the waters were perfect! Prayers to all around the coast!!!


Very nice!!

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Nothing I’ve heard there, had some friends get a half cooler mix outta Edisto near the mouth of the sound … that was before all this of course Porkchop

Nice, Hurry while supplies last.