Beaufort SC Broad River Cobia fishing from a kayak

I decided to focus on some Cobia fishing recently. I am completely new to it. Out of the 4 trips I have taken I have managed to land 1 Cobia. My 1st Cobia! I caught it on a Live whiting that I caught with shrimp. I floated the whiting on a cork into some bait being attacked on the surface and it hit. Had another day where I sight casted at 2. One hit my lure and was off in less than a second and the other was just to fast to get a good cast at it.

Here is the video I made of the day catching my 1st Cobia:

And here is the playlist of videos I made of the less successful days:

Hahaha. I’m a subscriber to your channel so I saw the video before you posted it here.

Congrats on your first Cobia. I have a lot of firsts coming my way as well.

Loving this salt life!

Hey, that is awesome! I’m a kayak fisherman as well and can imagine how much fun that must have been reeling in. Never caught a cobia, might have to come down and check out the Broad River if I ever start fishing again.

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Very cool! I woulda lost it(the Cobia) after coming out of net. Well done.

FYI, not that you’re keeping, but 36" FL now.


Way to Juke em’!:+1: Never targeted those guys but have caught one about half that size on accident once. To catch one intentionally from your yak is pretty cool!

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Great job Juke! And awesome video. I’m subscribed now.


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The folks at Beaufort Boat and Dock Supply told me last Saturday that Cobia were illegal to keep during the month of May. It is open now and I think they have to be 33 inches fork length.

I would check to make sure this is accurate before you keep one.

Closed month of May. 36" FL


That was awesome…and pretty ballsy to be on the Broad in a kayak!

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